Justin Bonomo: My mother is my biggest fan


posted Thursday Jun 14th 2012 at 05:10 PM

by Oscar Vallet

The American high stakes shark Justin "ZeeJustin" Bonomo does not lack support from home.

In 2002 Justin Bonomo - also known as "ZeeJustin" - tried playing poker for the first time. It was at Paradise Poker and the table was $0,50/$1 Limit Hold'Em. 

Today he is playing at much, much larger numbers. Typically he's playing cash games at $25/$50 and more - and then he's playing tournaments with buy-ins all the way up to €100,000.  

In an interview with HighstakesDB.com he specifically thanks colleague and friend Isaac Haxton for making him a better poker player but his family has also been an invaluable support for him, he tells. 

"It took my mom a while to understand I wasn't gambling against the house and you can actually win at poker. Since figuring that out, she has become my biggest fan. My dad has always had faith in my intelligence and knew I would be successful at it before anyone else," says Bonomo and continues:

"They both thought I was making a mistake when I dropped out of college but supported my right to make that decision and knew I would be ok. I definitely was blessed with two loving and supportive parents. It wasn't until I was an adult that I realized growing up in a drama free, eternally loving environment is a rare thing."

I wish I didn't care about bracelets

Speaking of coincidences, Justin Bonomo has only won two live tournaments since 2005 and in particular he dreams of winning a bracelet at the WSOP in Las Vegas. 

"I want a bracelet, not because I think it will be particularly great to have one, but more that I feel like it sucks not having one. I wish I didn't care about bracelets as it's a silly artificial measure that has no correlation with skill, but for some silly reason, I do care. I'm approaching the top 10 list of players with most cashes without a bracelet which is a distinction I never want to have," says Bonomo. 

In the interview Bonomo also talks about the Full Tilt scandal - and he reveals that if all players are refunded that would mean that his bankroll would be doubled. 

Read the full interview on HighstakesDB.com.



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