Jon Aguiar rages against WSOP - and gets called a b***h in return!


posted Monday Jun 4th 2012 at 07:45 PM

by Oscar Vallet

This weekend Jonathan "FatalError" Aguiar got a nice 3rd place at WSOP Event #5, but he wasn't happy at all with how things went down at the final table! What has followed is a twitter-fight with WSOP.

Online tournament shark Jonathan "FatalError" Aguiar played the final table of the Pot Limit Hold'Em on Saturday with prominent players like Daniel Negreanu, Tommy Vedes and John Eames. 

Aguiar did really well for himself and finished in 3rd place, but afterwards he had no love for the WSOP tournament management. 

And here's what enraged him: At the final table the players were asked to announce every action they made. The rule was only enforced after Negreanu busted out. 

Aguiar is using Twitter to vent - albeit in a sober way. WSOP on the other hand is using another tactic. 

Check it out:


Someone at WSOP is clearly not thinking straight, because here's a tweet they chose to re-tweet on their official account:

Let me try and explain this if anyone out there is new to Twitter, tweets and re-tweeting. 

To re-tweet is to take someone else's statement ( their tweet ) and circulate it on your page. That way all your friends, followers, amigos, whatever get to see it. A re-tweet doesn't necessarily mean that you like it - the way it works on Facebook where you like something and all your friends get to see that. In this case WSOP is simply letting people know that someone thinks Jon Aguiar is a bitch. 

The changing of the rules is one thing - in effect calling a player a bitch ( my opinion ) is a whole other thing. 

Aguiar is obviously furious with this - as is many other players - and in this interview with Quad Jacks you get the full story on the final table mess AND the twitter-fight!

If you want to catch the tweet stream on Jon Aguiar's Twitter page - here is where you shall find it:!/JonAguiar

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