Duhamel and Cada: Here's how to win the WSOP Main Event!


posted Thursday May 10th 2012 at 05:44 PM

by Oscar Vallet

Two former world champions tells us how to succeed at this year's biggest and most important poker tournament - the world series of poker!

They've tried before both of them - that is winning the world championship! Joe Cada did it in '09 and Jonathan Duhamel followed suit the year after. 

It has the biggest prize pool, the largest number of participants, the most extensive media coverage and we could go on and on describing how big everything involving the WSOP is, but we guess you've catched our drift by now. 

If you fancy going all the way yourself there is a bit of help on the way: In an interview with Poker Player Magazine our previously mentioned two ex-champs drop some knowledge on do's and dont's at WSOP. 

The first thing they agree on is that you have to play tight at the first levels. Duhamel expands:  

"I used to be very aggressive in the early levels, but now it’s the reverse. People want to play back a lot more, so I’m careful with my chips. I’m still very aggressive in small pots, but in big ones I’ll almost always have a hand."

He goes on to address position: 

"Always open from the button, cutoff or hijack. If you have to play a pot out of position, make sure it’s with a big hand. And don’t play face-up poker. If someone raises from late position and you three-bet from the blinds with Kings, they’re going to call with trash because they have position on you."

And last but least he advices you to mix things up and be creative:

"Occasionally flat-call with monsters and don’t give the table too much information. Your opponents will often fire the flop and you can re-evaluate. Just make sure you’re always creative. There’s nothing worse than being predictable."

The things to address on your way to success are:

1) Start Tight

2) Hang With The Fish

3) Don't Set Goals

4) Three-bet Late

5) Size 'em Up

6) Know Your Maths

7) Go With It

8) What Cameras

9) Push The Bubble

10) Smash It

Head on over to PokerPlayer.co.uk to see all the topics explained and discussed in full. 

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