Alec Torelli: I often felt outclassed!


posted Saturday Apr 21st 2012 at 06:00 PM

by Oscar Vallet

Last week Alec Torelli took part in PartyPoker Big Game in Vienna - and he often felt outclassed by his opponents.

Some of the world's greatest players were gathered last week in the Austrian capitol of Vienna. Alec Torelli was one of these players and in a new blog he shares his thoughts on the event and his opponents. 

Torelli ended up losing around €30K in Austria while Phil Laak was the big winner with a profit of around €160K. 

In his blog - published on his personal website - he concludes that poker has gotten to be a much more difficult game these past years - and the main reason for that is the new breed of internet players. 

"Old school pros have been run down by a new breed of internet wizards; ones who have done the work, know the numbers and are hungry to be the best," writes Torelli. 

Too bad that the PartyPoker Big Game was filled with internet sharks. 

"I had the unfortunate challenge of playing with some of those players. Sam Trickett, Phil Laak, JP Kelly, Daniel “Jungleman” Cates and Andy Moseley. It was the toughest line up I’d ever faced and I often felt outclassed. Many times I shook my head or tapped the table and thought, “they’re simply too good.”

Why he still chose to play on and what motivates him in these types of games you can read on his blog

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