Negreanu: Full Tilt-takeover looks to go through


posted Tuesday Mar 27th 2012 at 07:22 PM

by Kasper Saugmann

Last week Daniel Negreanu was sure that Groupe Bernard Tapie’s takeover of Full Tilt would collapse. Now the Canadian is not so sure anymore.

Thousands of poker players all over the world are waiting in excitement to see what is going to happen with Full Tilt Poker.

In an interview last week on Daniel Negreanu was very critical about the takeover as he was certain it would fail.

Since then the Canadian has had a change of mind. In a Q&A-session on he was asked if he thought Full Tilt players would get their money back.

- Leaning more towards yes based on what I’m hearing lately. Heard from an insider that a deal actually may happen.

Who that insider is remains to be seen.

You can read the thread on

This Thursday it’s been nine months since the world’s second-largest poker site at the time went offline.

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