"broksi" from Monaco makes a comeback at PokerStars - is it Gus Hansen?

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posted Tuesday Jun 12th 2012 at 06:22 PM

by Oscar Vallet

After years of absence the Monaco-based PokerStars-player "broksi" is back - and according to rumors it's none other than Gus Hansen.

Apparently Gus Hansen is back at the online tables again. On PokerStars! A place he was banned from because of his contract with the now defunct Full Tilt Poker. 

Since Full Tilt is no more there is no obstacle for Gus and a possible comeback on PokerStars could be just around the corner.  

"The most obvious place for me to play is PokerStars. I had an account there eight years ago - and it still exist. I don't think I've used it since WCOOP six years back," Gus tells EkstraBladet.dk

According to our information this account is named "broksi". In 2005 the Monaco-based player was seen playing the site's highest cash games in both Limit Hold'Em and Pot Limit Omaha - but apart from that the player has been gone for years. 

Last night "broksi" was back once again for a session of PLO cash games at $5/$10

We followed the action from the sidelines and saw several big pots played:

broksi (stack: $4.440) raises to $20. uMakeMeR1ch folds, and PauleAdler (stack: $1.872) re-raises to $75. broksi 4-bets to $240. Call from PauleAdler. On the flop broksi bets $492 and afterwards calls an all-in for $1.140 extra. PauleAdler is well-covered against the Dane's higher color draw and over pair, but the turn turns things upside down and the river blanks. 

Again broksi opens (stack: $3.086) to $20 and PauleAdler (stack: $7.383) re-raises to $75. Call. After the flop broksi check-raises a bet of $121,50 up to $330. PauleAdler 3-bets to $1.000. broksi 4-bets all-in for a total $3.011,20. Call! This time broksi is in the bag - also after turn and river.

The reason why a high-profiled player like Gus Hansen is found playing small numbers might be because of PokerStars' limits on standard payments. 

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