Check the hand: $200,000 to the middle pre-flop!

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posted Monday Jun 4th 2012 at 09:18 PM

by Oscar Vallet

PokerStars saw a bit of high stakes action yesterday when Alexander "Kanu7" Millar went up against the anonymous Macau-pro "patpatman".

Full Tilt Poker has been shut down for almost a year now and you'd think the high stakes action they once had would move on to other sites. That hasn't been the case though. PokerStars rarely have the crazy action we used to see on Full Tilt - but yesterday was an exception. 

It all happened on the $200/$400 tables. On one side of the table we had Alexander "Kanu7" Millar and on the other side we had a player registered in Macau that plays under the nick "patpatman". If you're to believe the rumors the account is owned by Tom "durrrr" Dwan. 

Let's get back to the session: 

"Kanu7" ended with a profit of $120,000 but that number could've been much bigger if it wasn't for a bad beat in a $200,000 pot. 

The hand played out like this:

"patpatman" (stack: $100,000) raises to $800. "Kanu7" (stack: $144.566) 3-bets to $3.200. 4-bet to $9.200 from "patpatman". 5-bet to $23.200 from "Kanu7"! "patpatman" pushes the rest of his stack, $100.000, to the middle of the table where he gets called.

Now there's $200,000 on the table and both players must face the agony of waiting for the cards to be dealt. 

And this is what they got to look at:

The river saves "patpatman" who turns over his cards:

"Kanu7" can only show a pair of kings - and must have felt terrible: 

The pot was the biggest since the 20th of May when there was a $217,806 pot (ended as a split pot)

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