The amazing Viktor "Isildur1" Blom does it again!

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posted Wednesday May 9th 2012 at 05:41 PM

by Oscar Vallet

Late Tuesday night the Swedish boy wonder Viktor "Isildur1" Blom did the unthinkable: He picked up yet another SCOOP title after claiming victory on Monday too!

We thought we'd seen it all and then "Isildur1" goes and does something like this: Winning an unprecedented TWO SCOOP titles in 24 hours. 

The SCOOP ( Spring Championship Of Online Poker ) tournament is probably one of the toughest competitions you'll ever find - and yet this phenomenon goes and wins two events in a day! 

The victory brought Blom $160,000 on top of the $247,000 he won the day before. 

A lucky comeback seals it

We watched closely as Blom went heads-up against Romanian "Ruxandescu" - and even though he ended up winning it all - it didn't look too good for him along the way. 

During the battle against the capable Romanian Blom was short-stacked more than once and had to pray to the poker gods when he got all-in with the following hand:

Blinds are 8,500/17,000 + 2,125 ante. "Ruxandescu" (stack: 4,699,014) raises to 34,000 and Blom (stack: 848,986) calls with:

The flop shows:

Blom checks and "Ruxandescu" bets 90,000. Blom wants none of that and raises all in, but gets instant called by the Romanian, who's well ahead with:

Turn is a relief for Blom:

and when the river blanks - the Swede doubles up.


After that things go back and forth for a while without too much action. 

The next big hand unfolds like this: 

Blom looks at 1,306,472 chips while "Ruxandescu" has 4,241,528 chips on the table.

Blinds are 9,000/18,000 + 2,250 ante with "Ruxandescu" on the button making it 36,000. Blom calls and the flop shows:

Blom checks and "Ruxandescu" bets 38,250. The Swede raises him to 114,750 but "Ruxandescu" re-raises to 252,000. That's not it for Blom as he makes it 414,000. "Ruxandescu" raises once again - this time to 594,000 - and all Blom can do is push the rest of his stack in the middle. "Ruxandescu" quickly calls - turns his cards and we see:

While Blom is holding top pair with: 

Both turn and river are blanks and once again the Swede doubles up. 


The decisive hand

It's as if that hand shifts the momentum - Blom is getting a handle on the Romanian and starts to pile on the pressure. 

We join the action at the decisive hand and once again it's a coin flip. 

Blinds are 11,000/22,000 + 2,750 ante. Blom is in the lead with 2,970,274 while "Ruxandescu" has 1,577,726 chips. 

Blom on the button makes it 44,000 to go and "Ruxandescu" raises to 132,000. Blom calls and we see a flop:

"Ruxandescu" bets 165,000 but Blom raises to 464,750. "Ruxandescu" thinks for a bit before shoving it all-in - Blom insta-calls. "Ruxandescu" shows what he's got:

for a flush- and gutshot straight draw - while Blom shows us:

Once again Blom has buckets of bullets to dodge but Lady Luck is on his side that night! Turn and river brings:

Full house and victory for the Swede!


A totally crazy achievement with two victories like that in 24 hours - perhaps it's one for the ages?


Final result SCOOP Event #3-H $530 R NL Hold'em (484 players):

1. 'Isildur1': $160.000
2. 'Ruxandescu': $118.400
3. 'BiatchPeople': $88.000
4. 'Sussie Smith': $60.800
5. 'B4d3m3!st3r': $44.400
6. 'snake8484': $28.400

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