Kyllönen has won more than $3,55M since Black Friday!

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posted Thursday Apr 19th 2012 at 09:10 PM

by Oscar Vallet

Jens "Jeans89" Kyllönen has had a terrific last year. He's been on a spree - and he's racked in millions of dollars in the process.

It's been little over a year since Black Friday sent shock waves through the poker world. Ever since that day it's been illegal for people based in the States to play online poker ( for money ). That doesn't mean that there's no big money on the virtual tables anymore. 

If there's one player who can't complain about the year that's passed it's Finland's Jens Kyllönen. Since Black Friday he's annihilated all competition - and he's by far the biggest winner in terms of money. 

On PokerStars alone he's won $2,380,708 since the 15th of April 2011. On Full Tilt ( before the closure ) he managed to win $1,174,951 playing under the nick "Ingenious89". That gives him a total for the year of $3,555,659 according to the numbers on 

One thing is noticeable about Kyllönen since Black Friday: The PLO shark has spent 269,218 hands accumulating $2,3M on PokerStars - he used just 14,200 hands winning $1,1M on Full Tilt!

Other results

Some of the other big sharks did quite well for themselves in the year that has passed: Ilari 'Ilari FIN' Sahamies ( $1.781.563 ), Alexander 'Kanu7' Millar ( $1.691.746 ), Ronny '1-ronnyr3' Kaiser ( $1.681.264 ) and Viktor 'Isildur1' Blom ( $1.591.137 ). 

The biggest loser of the year is Canadian player "Zypherin". Whoever it is lost $1,997,509. Rumors are saying the player behind the nick is Guy Laliberté. 

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