Ignored his results and won $38,000 more than expected!

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posted Wednesday Apr 11th 2012 at 06:32 PM

by Oscar Vallet

Super grinder Kevin “WizardOfAhhs” Thurman is experimenting by ignoring his results and keeping focus on making the right decisions. So far it’s worked!

Decisions, not results. 

That’s the old poker saying you’ve got to remember. The important thing is making the right decisions; it’s not the outcome of the hands.

And it’s this saying the American online phenomenon Kevin “WizardOfAhhs” Thurman has taken to heart. He started an experiment of sorts: He would play out the month of March without looking at the bottom line at any point.  

When the calendar changed to April Thurman was ready to balance the books – and his conservative estimate was that he was up by $15,000. It turned out that he had guessed totally wrong because he was indeed up by $53,000 after playing more than 50,000 hands that month.

“I certainly never plan on checking results during or immediately after a session ever again,” said Thurman in a blog on UltimateGrinders, where he does admit to peeping at the results just once – after a $22,000 loss. 

“So I'm going to stick to the game plan of reenacting the experiment all over again in April to optimize my success, because this graph may certainly be evidence of a successful experiment.”

“Playing day after day without knowing your results is like playing game after game in basketball without keeping score.  By the end of the month, your victories and losses become blurry and you're not even sure what your overall record is.  But if you're confident your strategy is better than your opponents, and you play them long enough, then theoretically you should have more points than them at the end of the month or season,” concludes Thurman. 

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Article photo: PokerStarsblog.com

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