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posted Tuesday Mar 27th 2012 at 06:12 PM

by Kasper Saugmann

For the fourth year in row PokerStars is hosting its annual spring tournament, Spring Championship of Online Poker (SCOOP).

In May you wont have to wait for Sunday to play in the really big online tournaments. From Sunday May 6th and two weeks on you'll be able to play in PokerStars’ SCOOP tournament.

SCOOP has daily tournaments in three different price categories. Just today PokerStars announced the program, which consist of 38 events and thus a total of 114 tournaments with buy-ins from $5,5 up to $21,000.

Last year the total guaranteed prize pool was $25,000,000 but the tournaments still totaled close to $40,000,000. Even though the program was published today, we have been told, that the amount of guaranteed money won’t be revealed until the tournaments are online in the client.

The program looks a lot like the previous years, but the Main Event is a tad cheaper this year at respectively $82, $700 and $7,500.

Check out the program for SCOOP 2012.

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