Dan Shak sues his ex-wife for her 1,200 pairs of designer shoes


posted Monday Jun 25th 2012 at 06:19 PM

by Oscar Vallet

Dan Shak wants to sue his ex-wife for a huge sum of money because she failed to disclose information about her 1,200 pair collection of designer shoes when they settled their divorce terms three years ago. The collection is reportedly worth $1M!

The loaded cash game shark Dan Shak has done really well at the WSOP this year, but now he's also in the spotlight because of a reported lawsuit against his ex-wife, Beth Shak. 

According to Dan Shak Beth never told him about the gigantic shoe collection she had when they split. He claims she must've hidden them so they wouldn't figure in the books when their divorce was settled. 

Besides being a good poker player Beth Shak has been part of the MTV program "The Cribs" where celebrities show off their lavish homes. In the program Beth showed the audience her extraordinary collection of shoes - a collection that included 700 pairs of Loubotin shoes. That brand is expensive - very expensive!

The question is how her husband could fail to notice a collection of this sheer magnitude. Dan Shak claims ignorance - but he does have an idea of their worth though: 1 million US dollars and he's entitled to 35% of that amount if the courts agree with him. 

Read more at New York Post.

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