Ivey to Hastings: I thought you were called Brian Madsen


posted Thursday Jun 21st 2012 at 09:04 PM

by Oscar Vallet

Phil Ivey is not really one to spend time reading about other poker players. He focuses on playing cards.

We hear it now and again: Phil Ivey has a limited knowledge on his poker colleagues. 

He had for example never heard of Vanessa Selbst until Daniel Negreanu introduced them this week in Vegas. 

"He doesn’t have many friends in poker,” Negreanu told CardPlayer. “He tries to stay away from all the gossip. He just wants to win.” 

Brian Hastings, the player with the biggest single-day-cash online, tells of a similar experience with Ivey. They've played hundreds of hours against each other online and they've even appeared together on the poker program me Poker After Dark. 

Still when Ivey and Hastings were seated next to each other the other day at the WSOP, Ivey had trouble remembering his compatriot. Hastings tells CardPlayer.com that Ivey thought his name was Brian Madsen. 

Hastings says it didn't bother him as he thought it was hilarious. 

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