Tony G: Phil Hellmuth is a dog that thinks he 's a human


posted Monday Jun 18th 2012 at 05:27 PM

by Oscar Vallet

Thrash-talking Tony G is once again out with a provocative comment aimed at Phil Hellmuth.

It's no secret that 12-time WSOP winner Phil Hellmuth and Tony G aren't just the best of friends. There's been numerous conflicts involving the 2 players and it's often Tony G instigating the troubles. 

Here's what Tony G is saying in the latest tirade against the American "Poker Brat". Tony G is asked about what one quality a poker player must have to be a winner, to which he replies: 

"You gotta believe in yourself, no matter what handicaps you have. A great example is Phil Hellmuth…he really believes in himself. He's really a poor poker player, he's below average. But he thinks he's the best. Phil Hellmuth is a dog that thinks he's a human. It's phenomenal!" 

Talk about calling someone out! 

Watch the rest of what Tony G has to say below:

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