A special VIP in Macau


posted Wednesday Jun 6th 2012 at 06:53 PM

by Oscar Vallet

Gus Hansen gives us the inside scoop on his trips to the "Asian Las Vegas".

A fat wallet in itself is not enough to get a seat at the world's biggest cash game tables at the Starworld Casino in Macau, China.  

If the game has already started and you're not "in good graces" with the "regulars" there's no point in putting your name on the waiting list. 

In an interview with Ekstra Bladet, the biggest newspaper in Denmark, the Danish high stakes legend tells us about the way it's done in Macau. 

"One day it's perhaps Asian Game and then guys like me, Phil Ivey, Andrew Robl or "durrrr" can't play. Other days you'll have lots of foreign names in the games. I did actually play one day when it was an Asian Game plus John Juanda and me. It depends on people's mood and on the number of regulars that are in the city," says Gus to Ekstra Bladet. 

The game in itself is not always played by the book. Gus Hansen tells us of a rule, that gave a certain Chinese billionaire the right to look at the cards in all hands.

Gus calls the player "VIP" and he tells of an incident where "VIP" is bluffed into folding two aces. The Dane only has king-high and "VIP" asks to see his cards. 

"He doesn't speak one word of English, he just sits there wiggling his index finger. Kind of like: Hehe, you got me there! But hey - if he gets a kick out of that ( watching my cards afterwards ), it's just fantastic," says The Great Dane. 

If you want to read the whole interview go to eb.dk ( Link in Danish )

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