This is why you should never celebrate BEFORE seeing the river


posted Wednesday Jun 6th 2012 at 03:54 PM

by Oscar Vallet

You risk looking really stupid if you start celebrating before the hand is played through. Dwyte Pilgrim can attest to that.

It might be an old one - but it still made us chuckle:

In September 2010 Dwyte Pilgrim was like a fish in the water when he had to play the WPT final table at the Borgata live in front of rolling cameras.  

It's one thing having no stage fright. It's another thing loving the stage so much that you get cocky. You certainly run the risk of it backfiring at the poker table. 

That was the case for Dwyte Pilgrim, when he three-way called an all-in from Ofir Mor. 

Pilgrim was behind with:

Against Mor's:

The flop shifted everything in a way that made Pilgrim go straight to the rail to celebrate with his fans in the stands.

Watch what happens here:


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