WSOP employee explains "bitch"-retweet!


posted Tuesday Jun 5th 2012 at 08:04 PM

by Oscar Vallet

The guy behind the bitch retweet aimed at Jon Aguiar tells his side of the story.

Seth Palansky, VP of Corporate Communications at WSOP, was the person who retweeted the personal insult aimed at American tournament shark Jon "FatalError" Aguiar. 

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The original tweet made by a guy named Shawn Daniels (@SHAUNIVEY_OBV) was this:

That message was suddenly retweeted to the more than 73,000 followers on the official WSOP Twitter page. The guy behind that action was Seth Palansky who later apologized:

"I'm to blame for that. I'm solely to blame. I do apologize for that. That was inappropriate language."

"I have a personal issue with Jon that dates back a while, but I should not have used WSOP's official account to retweet."

The retweet has been removed from WSOP's official Twitter page - it remains to be seen if Mr. Palansky has put it on his personal page instead. 

You can catch the full interview in this video from QuadJacks below (go to app. 08:00 mark)


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