How to make a WSOP bracelet


posted Wednesday May 30th 2012 at 09:35 PM

by Oscar Vallet

If you ever wondered how they make the World Series of Poker bracelets - here's your chance to watch how it's all done.

This year 61 bracelets will find new owners at the WSOP. 

Every single gold bracelet is made by hand as you'll see later on. 

There is one bracelet that stands out from the lot - and it represents a win in the region of $7 or $8 Million. The WSOP Main Event winner's bracelet  has 35 carats of diamonds and 170 grams of 14 karat gold and is worth more than the 60 other bracelets combined. 

The bracelets are made by Jason of Beverly Hills. 

In this behind-the-scenes video you can watch the process that goes into making a winner's bracelet for the most prestigious poker event in the world. 


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