Alex Luneau: "I miss playing Gus and durrrr"


posted Wednesday May 23rd 2012 at 06:40 PM

by Oscar Vallet

The French Mixed Games whiz Alex Luneau is sad that Full Tilt hasn't reopened yet. He misses playing against two of their former pro's.

When Full Tilt closed in June last year Gus Hansen was in pole position on the 2011 Winner List at with a profit exceeding $3,900,000. 

Still some of his high stakes colleagues miss playing against "The Great Dane".  

One of them is the French Mixed Games specialist Alex Luneau, who now plays on PokerStats under the nick "BiatchPeople". 

In a recent interview with HighstakesDB Luneau shares his thoughts on the Full Tilt scandal, 

"I have a lot of money stuck on Full Tilt. I am optimistic regarding the last news. This scandal was terrible for players and online poker in general. I also miss playing Gus and durrrr," says Luneau, who according to HighstakesDB has $800,000 in Full Tilt profit. 

How much of that money he's won from Gus or durrrr is anyone's guess - and if they're up for a game these days he wouldn't mind it to be 2-7 Triple Draw:

"2-7 triple draw is definitely my favourite game. There is a lot of fun to draw cards and this is my best game. I think it is the most addictive game as well. When someone asks me to teach them poker, I never start with NLHE which is quite boring and difficult. 2-7 is easier at first and so much more entertaining," says Luneau, who is now based out of London. 

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