Doyle faked a heart attack during a robbery!


posted Tuesday May 15th 2012 at 02:23 PM

by Oscar Vallet

Doyle Brunson is back with a new tale on his personal blog. This time it's about a robbery 14 years ago.

Doyle Brunson aka "Godfather" has played poker for more than 50 years. In that time he's been robbed 5 times. 

On his personal blog he looks back in time 14 years - to the time he was robbed during the WSOP in April of 1998. 

Doyle, 64 years old at the time, had just won his 8th WSOP bracelet but the joy of that would only last until the next day when he was "relieved" of the $93,000 he'd just won. 

Doyle Brunson had just parked his car at his house in Las Vegas when he was held up by two guys wearing ski masks and waving guns around. 

"I instantly realized they were there to enter my house and rob me and possibly do harm to me and my wife. I remember saying "oh shit" and throwing my keys as far as I could. One of the men put a gun to my head telling me if I moved he would kill me, while his partner retrieved the keys from the street where I had thrown them," writes Doyle Brunson.

Brunson tells us that prior to the robbery he'd read about the gambler Titanic Thompson, who'd faked a heart attack during a robbery. The faux heart attack had made the robbers let him off - giving him the opportunity to shoot them! 

Doyle didn't have a gun when he was robbed but still tried to give Titanic's trick a go. You can read how that went by going to

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