"URnotINdanger2" pursuing a career as pro gamer?


posted Tuesday May 8th 2012 at 08:47 PM

by Oscar Vallet

Up until Black Friday he was one of the most feared cash game players in the world. Since that fateful day last year Scott "URnotINdanger2" Palmer has more or less stopped playing poker.

Lots and lots of US players "fled" the country after Black Friday but "URnotINdanger2" wasn't one of them. He stayed put and more or less just stopped playing.  

The 21-year-old NLHE/PLO specialist was last seen online on the 15th of April last year but did put up an appearance at last summer's WSOP. 

In an interview on HighstakesDB.com his good friend Daniel "jungleman12" Cates sheds a light on what "URnotINdanger2" has been up to in the 13 months that's passed since FBI closed all US online poker. 

"Scott is actually not playing poker at the moment and is instead focusing on strategy video games which he hopes to play professionally soon," says Cates. "t would not, however, surprise me too much if he decides to start playing poker again soon."

Cates and Palmer met each other at a private game, where Cates had his first taste of poker. A game he would later master in full effect. 

"I initially started playing live with a regular group of people who I considered as friends but, in fact, they were scamming me and I lost a lot of money playing with them," says Cates.

But not all of these guys were crooked - one of them was legit and became a good friend of his.

"It was at these games where I met my good friend, Scot "URnotINdanger2" Palmer who was one of the only guys who didn’t try to to scam me and actually tried to give me some good advice," says Cates. 

Perhaps they'll playing some time again in a distant future but for now it seems that Palmer has left the building.  

Read the entire interview on HighstakesDB.com

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