Todd Brunson: Bad beat in $2M pot!


posted Wednesday Apr 18th 2012 at 07:35 PM

by Oscar Vallet

The 42-year-old poker pro and son of legendary Doyle Brunson holds an impromptu Q&A on Twitter and tells about "the sickest beat ever!"

He's got the arguably most famous last name in the world of poker, but apart from that Todd Brunson is not a person that draws a lot of attention. 

This week it's different as the American has been the center of Twittermania. Brunson has more than 21,000 followers on the popular social network and the other day he posted the following tweet:

He didn't even get a chance to blink - questions have been fired at him from every conceivable angle and on topics from a to z since that tweet - and Brunson has been very good at answering people. 

Among other things he reveals his "sickest beat ever" - a USD$2,000,000 pot where he was holding:

The board was showing:

On the turn he ends all-in against an anonymous opponent that shows:

and river gave the opponent a full house. 

Todd Brunson estimates that he's won around $25,000,000 on cash games during a 20 year long career, that was built on $1/$2 Limit Hold'Em and then gradually expanded to cover more disciplines. 

The biggest game of Brunson Jr.'s career was a $100,000/$200,000 game during the Corporations match against banking billionaire Andy Beal. 

These days Todd typically plays cash games five days a week - only live - and at more modest rates ( than against Beal ). 

He also reveals that his mom didn't really approve of his choice of livelihood, that his worst opponents are his dad Doyle and the now deceased Chip Reese - and that his longest winning streak in NLHE is 23 days. 

You can learn all there is to learn about young Brunson by going to his Twitter profile: @ToddBrunson

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