Nergard/Feldman beef heats up!


posted Saturday Apr 14th 2012 at 05:14 PM

by Oscar Vallet

It all started yesterday on Twitter when Nergard called Feldman an absolute scumbag. Since then the two pro's have been at each others throats on the social network.

Who said Twitter was boring?

Ole-Kristian Nergard and Andrew Feldman have engaged in what might be classified as a online mudslinging match and everyone gets to follow their dispute.

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It all goes back to a hand played out in Macau between Nergard and "durrrr". And the essence of it all is that the Norwegian millionaire heir, Nergard, thinks that Feldman should keep from commenting on the matter.  

If you want a front row seat to the action head on over to @oknergard and @Andrewfeldman1

We've included some of the action below - judge for yourself who's right or wrong!

We've actually got our very own twitter account: @smallpokerworld It's not as explosive as Nergard and Feldman's but follow us for the latest news from the world of poker!

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