Gus Hansen out of the Super Highroller

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posted Tuesday Apr 24th 2012 at 00:53 PM

by Niklas Christensen

Gus Hansen started very bad and he never recovered from that.

Update 14:09:

Not long after our last update from Gus Hansen, we received a new message from 'The Great Dane'

- Out :( 

Update 13.58:

We just received some more news from Gus Hansen. It is unfortunately bad news. 

- Slow play turning sour :( A 3 way pot with Elky and Sam Trickett where they both check the T4 flop to me and i decide to check a big hand behind. Turn is the ugly 9 of hearts completing both straight and flush draws (The observant reader will now know that there was 2 hearts on the flop even though i forgot to say so ;))

- Sam bets 10k into 17k, Elky calls and i call. River is the 7 of clubs and Sam bets 27k, Elky fold and i am left with a very ugly decision - am i supposed to fold a set? I am too curious to let it go and have to pay the prize when Sam turns over T8 of clubs for a rivered straight.

Original article:

The play in the first european Super Highroller tournament has been underway for a couple of hours now.

34 players decided to put down the €100,000 buy-in. One of them is Gus Hansen. But he isn't off to the best start. just received an update from 'The Great Dane', where he reports on today's play so far:

- The action is in my hometown of Monaco at the moment - the EPT Grand Final is back where it belongs and we are starting out today with a 100K Euro High Roller event.

- I am not exactly off to a good start as my stack has been dwindling frem the get go - Maybe i am just rusty from the last months inactivity on the poker front? It is certainly not lack of creativity that ha created a hole in my stack - as i have tried a 3 barrel bluf against Elky (didn't work), a 2 barrel against Patrik (didn't work either) and a couple of other fancy plays (also without success :( Maybe i should tighten up?, reports Gus Hansen exclusively to

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