Gus loses huge pot in Macau!

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posted Friday Mar 30th 2012 at 10:16 PM

by Claus Bek Nielsen

Millions of Hong Kong dollars were in the pot when Danish poker icon Gus Hansen got all in against two opponents who both held over pairs against the Great Dane' s two pairs.

As reported this week, we'll be bringing you exclusive Gus Hansen updates straight from the tables in Macau. Unfortunately the last update which we recieved just minutes ago wasn't a good one ( at least for the Dane:).

A monster pot played out at Starworld Casino in Macau, when Gus got all in on a flop after hitting two pairs.

Here's what he texted us at '':

"Sitting in the big blind with 2-3 off suit is not my favorite spot, but when an early raiser makes it 60k and 3 guys call I can not help myself! I just have to put in another 40k and see the flop".

"This time around it was a good one":

"I check, the original raiser bets HK$180.000, 2 callers and now it is up to me with HK$3,8 million in my stack. I decide to go for the bazooka and move all in and let my opponents worry about what to do"

"Much to my surprise I get 2 callers and expect to be up against an over pair and a flush draw - which means I will have to fade a ton of outs. Fortunately:


"gets turned face up and I am in a commanding lead - bad news is QQ can win with running hearts. No more decisions to make and we just have to see turn and river before the chips get distributed to their rightful owner:

on the turn slightly decreases my overall chances, but it is nothing compared to the ugly:

on the river which puts me in third place and no piece of either main- or side-pot :-(

You can read more about Gus at

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