Gus wins a monster pot in Macau

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posted Wednesday Mar 28th 2012 at 05:11 PM

by Claus Bek Nielsen

A short while ago Gus Hansen took home a monster pot in the gigantic high stakes cash game in Macau, China. Here Gus tells us what happened.

Gus Hansen has had a fantastic start at the gigantic high stakes cash games unfolding right now in Macau.

The game has gotten even bigger since the last time the Great Dane was in Macau. With blinds HK$10,000/HK$20,000 plus a straddle of HK$40,000 ( the equivalent in USD - $1,300/$2,600 and a straddle of $5,200 ) this kind of game is not for the faint at heart.

Here is what Gus just told us:

"Good start on my trip to Asia. In a big game with a lot of aggressive players it is nice to have the cold decks on your side".

"Six people taking the flop for the minimum HK$40,000. I hold the pretty":

"It gets even prettier when the flop shows":

"I am first to act and checks to the shortstack who bets HK$220,000. One caller and I call but unfortunately no more callers behind me. Turn shows":

"...and again I check to the shortstack. He moves all-in for HK$420,000, but before it gets back to me the third player has raised to HK$1,000,000 with HK$2,000,000 more behind him".

"I contemplate which way to go and in the end I opt for the straight forward all-in".

He calls with:

"…shortstack turned a straight - and with no Ace on the river I can add about HK$4,000,000 to my stack :-)",


That’s a cool USD$515,000!

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