German outsmarts the American profiles at WSOP $10K PLO

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posted Monday Jun 25th 2012 at 05:58 PM

by Oscar Vallet

The German Jan-Peter Jachtmann was the only non-American at the final table of WSOP event #39 ($10K PLO). That didn't bother him at all because he won, defeating profiles like Jason Mercier and Andrew Brown in the process.

After day 2 of event #39 ($10K PLO) it was assumed that it would be an American win since 10 of the last 13 players were from "Gods own country".

Among the last 10 Americans were players like Jason Mercier, Sammy Farha and Andrew Brown. 

The three non-Americans were seasoned English pro John Kabbaj, Finnish tournament expert Ville Wahlbeck and the German Jan-Peter Jachtmann, who normally plays tournaments in the 200-500 Euro range. 

It was the German though that ended up winning it all when he beat Andrew Brown heads-up for the title and the $661,000 that came with it. 

Here's the decisive hand:

Brown opens to 80,000 and Jachtmann calls.


The German checks, Brown bets 160,000. Jachtmann raises that to 640,000 and gets called by the American.


Jachtmann bets 1,100,000 and Brown raises all-in for 1,700,000 which Jachtmann calls.

Brown had a monster of a hand with the nuts and a flush draw:

Jachtmann on the other hand was in big problems with his smaller flush draw and a wrap-straight-draw:

When the dealer turned the last card:

Giving Jachtmann a straight it was all over!


The win for Jachtmann was the first win for Germany this year at the WSOP. Let's see if their football team can follow suit and win gold at Euro2012!


Payouts of event #39 $10K PLO (293 players @ $10,000)

1. Jan-Peter Jachtmann $661.000
2. Andrew Brown $408.393
3. Steven Silvermann $299.960
4. Micah Smith $222.044
5. Andy Seth $165.665
6. Benjamin Sage $124.600
7. Nikolai Yakovenko $94.442
8. Jason Mercier $72.132
9. Joe Kushner $55.525

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