Ivey on his way to his 5th WSOP final of the summer!!

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posted Wednesday Jun 20th 2012 at 05:21 PM

by Oscar Vallet

Later today we'll find out who makes it to the final table of event #35 ($2,500 Mixed Hold'Em). One of them might be Phil Ivey. Does the guy ever stop???

In his WSOP comeback Phil Ivey is almost unstoppable. He sat out last year in sympathy with the people who'd lost money on the Full Tilt debacle - and the American legend is doing his best to make up for lost time. 

The game is on right now and we're one guy away from finding out who''ll be on the final table tomorrow.  

The game being played is Mixed Hold'Em - a mixture of Fixed Limit HE and No Limit HE.

There's 10 players left out of a starting field of 393. 

Ivey is in the bottom of the field with a small stack. If he makes it to the final table it'll be his 5th this summer. An incredible achievement by the American. 


1. $210.107
2. $129.766
3. $93.842
4. $68.576
5. $50.640
6. $37.793
7. $28.494
8. $21.699
9. $16.692
10.-12. $12.964

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