Chock from Jean-Robert Bellande: I'll play the One Drop

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posted Wednesday Jun 6th 2012 at 09:56 PM

by Oscar Vallet

Apparently Jean-Robert Bellande has come into a lot of money - or found a staker willing to pay the million dollar entry for the Big One for One Drop, because he is playing it.

Another player has put down his name for WSOP Event #55, better known as The Big One for One Drop - the tournament with the biggest buy-in ever, $1,000,000. 

And it is NOT Phil Ivey who still hasn't signed up to play the event. On the contrary it is Jean-Robert Bellande and our guess is that he's found someone that is willing to put up the money required. 

Here's what Bellande posted on Twitter:


The former nightclub owner has a reputation of always being broke but that doesn't keep away from this event - and unless he's inherited a huge sum of money or won the lottery - it has to be some kind of staking deal. 

With Bellande on the list we're up to 36 names in total. 


First the 30 players confirmed by WSOP: 

1.    Guy Laliberté

2.    Phil Ruffin

3.    Andy Beal

4.    Montreal Private Citizen Group (Sean O’Donnell)

5.    Carlos Nahas (Qualifier from Loto-Québec/Casino Montreal)

6.    Cary Katz

7.    Paul Newey

8.    Richard Yong

9.    Erik Seidel

10.    Anonymous – American venture capitalist

11.    Anonymous – European hedgefund manager

12.    Anonymous – American hedgefund manager

13.    Anonymous – French businessman

14.    Caesars Entertainment-seat

15.    Caesars Entertainment via $25.300 satellite on Rio 30. June

16.    MGM Mirage Satellite-seat

17.    Bobby Baldwin

18.    Patrik Antonius

19.    Gus Hansen

20.    Daniel Negreanu

21.    Johnny Chan

22.    Tom "durrrr" Dwan

23.    Tony "G" Guoga

24.    Jonathan Duhamel

25.    Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier

26.    Daniel Shak

27.    Justin "Boosted J" Smith

28.    Bob Bright

29.    Arnaud Mimran

30.    Paul Phua


The following six players claim to have registered (yet to be confirmed) 

31. Jens Kyllönen

32. Sam Trickett

33. Jason Mercier

34. Eugene Katchalov

35. Andrew "good2cu" Robl

36. Jean-Robert Bellande


On top of these names three players are selling shares at the moment: Justin "ZeeJustin" Bonomo, Phil Hellmuth and Phil "philbort" Gruissem.  

According to the rumors the following players could sign up too: 

Ben Lamb, Doyle Brunson, Vivek Rajkumar, Nick Schulman and French businessman Fabrice Touil, who could be hiding behind spot no13 on the list above. 

The Big One for One Drop has a maximum capacity of 48 players. 

The tournament start on Sunday the 1st of July. 


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