"I swear you have the best hand!"

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posted Tuesday Jun 5th 2012 at 09:27 PM

by Oscar Vallet

That was the proclamation at the WSOP tables from a player yesterday, but when the cards were turned, that turned out to be a lie.

It says nowhere in the poker rules that you're not allowed to lie at the tables. Some would even argue that lying gives poker an extra spice. 

On day 1b of WSOP Event #9 ($1,500 NLHE re-entry) we saw an example of how "table talk" can be a really effective instrument.  

In the hand was former WPT winner Will "The Thrill" Failla and an unnamed Italian player. British online shark Chris Moorman was also at the table and he's made a recap on Twitter that is quite interesting:

The hand starts with a raise under the gun. A player from the middle position 3-bets and Will Failla pays. UTG pays too. 

The flop:

Check, check to Failla who bets. UTG check-raises and the third guy folds. Will calls while asking the dealer for "a low black card". 

The turn:

Despite Failla's wishes UTG goes all-in. That gives Will Fail something to think about. 

UTG says that he 100% has a flush-draw - and that a queen is good. Will makes him swear to God - which he does, prompting Will to call with Queen-King. 

When he shows his hand it's 44, so Will is drawing dead. 

The Italian then puts out his hand to Will, who tells him to go kill himself, while storming away from the table.

The Italian responds that he's catholic and hasn't believed in God for 12 years. 

I guess the lesson here is to never trust anything you hear…at the poker tables :)

The Twitter stream from Moorman:


Article photo: Will "The Thrill" Failla

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