Baumstein in front at IPT San Remo - WATCH IT LIVE!

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posted Monday May 7th 2012 at 08:59 PM

by Oscar Vallet

American Scott Baumstein has led IPT San Remo almost since the beginning of the tournament. The final table is being played as we speak - and he is still in the lead!

Baumstein entered the San Remo final table with 3,3M in chips - about a third of all chips in play. With €200,000 in first prize money the American is keeping a steady hand - ready to pounce on his opponents. 

We've just had a peek at the live cast over on - and Baumstein has gone up to 3,4M in chips with a firm handle on the matters.  

Right behind him we have Michalak Jakub of Poland, Mirko Tunnariello of Italy and Phillipe Clerc of France. 

This is the money they're playing for:

1. €200,000
2. €130,000
3. €81,200 
4. €60,800 
5. €40,500 
6. €32,500
7. €24,300
8. €16,220

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