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posted Tuesday May 1st 2012 at 05:40 PM

by Oscar Vallet

Justin "ZeeJustin" Bonomo is MEGA HOT in Monte Carlo. The American won the €100K Super High Roller, finished 28th in the Main Event and is now leading the €25K High Roller.

26-year-old Justin Bonomo is known as one of the best cash game players in the world and these days he's proving it at the tables in Monte Carlo, Monaco. As we speak he's heading for his third big result. 

8 players are left in the €25K High Roller and Bonomo is the chip leader. He got the lead by beating out Phil Ivey with a rivered flush against Ivey's top set - all-in on the turn. Ivey finished in 9th place. 

"I'm just running great. I'm playing well, but certainly the just has just been insane. I just can't lose a hand," he told asmallpokerworld after packing his chips down for the day. 

Bonomo's Monte Carlo fairytale started with a victory in the €100K Super High Roller. A victory that brought him €1,680,000 ( $2,220,000 ) for two days work.

"It was my third 100k event, and I've gotten 5th and 6th in my previous two, so I felt like I was coming like really close, but then just falling short in the end. So this kind of overcame my frustrations, like I finally won a big score, it's by far my biggest score ever. I've been kind of waiting for 8 years for a big score, it's almost like a redemption for every bad beat that I've taken for the past eight years."

Bonomo has more than a third of the chips at the final table when play resumes today, Tuesday. And the American is ready to make it back-to-back titles:

"I have position on Negreanu, so you never really have to worry about somebody you have position on. There's definitely some very good players, I didn't know who Igor was as of a week ago, but this past week he's just been playing really well. I think he's a really tough player. That being said I definitely have the advantage with over a third of chips in play, so hopefully my luck will hold up and I definitely like my chances," said Bonomo.

There's almost €1,080,000 to the winner, and even though that is less than what he took home earlier, he still emphasizes, that it is a lot of money to him:

"It's definitely a lot of money! I'm a poker player so it goes back into the poker bankroll. I'm a heads-up player, so I'll probably play heads up with it. Also some of my friends had pieces of me, so it's very nice to be able to share this one with my friends," said Bonomo. 

Chip counts:

1. Justin Bonomo (USA) 2.202.000

2. Igor Kurganov (Germany) 1.288.000

3. Philipp Gruissem (Germany) 990.000

4. Daniel Negreanu (Canada) 660.000 

5. Noah Schwartz (USA) 522.000

6. Nathan Schoo (Canada) 387.000

7. Artem Litvinov (Russia) 331.000

8. Max Lykov (Russia) 271.000

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