EPT Grand Final: Here's the 8 finalists!

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posted Monday Apr 30th 2012 at 05:29 PM

by Oscar Vallet

We've gone through 657 players to find the last 8 standing at the PokerStars EPT Grand Final in Monte Carlo. The finalists will battle for a first prize of €1,500,000.

Lots of profiles were in attendance when the PokerStars EPT Grand Final was kicked off last Wednesday and Thursday at the Monte Carlo Bay Resort & Hotel. 

But one by one the stars got the boot. Phil Ivey, Erik Seidel, Patrik Antonius, Daniel Negreanu and Viktor "Isildur1" Blom were all sent to the rail quite fast.

And - with all due respect - the players left standing are not "the usual suspects":  

Chip leader before the final table is Bernard Guigon of France, who's cashed more than $10,000 only twice in his career. 

Guigon is holding a stack of 4,900,000 - almost a quarter of all the chips - and a more than decent chance of running away with the title and a cool €1,500,000 to go with that. 

If we look at the finalists live results the most successful player is probably Italian Sergio Castelluccio, who in 2010 won IPT San Remo in his home country. That victory brought him $257,000 - and for his career Castelluccio has almost $700,000 in total winnings. 

The Italian starts the final table as the short stack so it's uphill if he wants to bring the trophy back to Italy. 

There might be a bigger chance that we'll get a female winner at the EPT Grand Final. Lucille Cailly is among the finalists and she's sitting with the third-largest stack in front of her. Cailly has once before cashed at an EPT Main Event - that was earlier this year in Deauville. 

The 8 finalists will start play today ( Monday ) at 13:30 CEST / 07:30 EDT

The final will be live streamed at PokerStars with a one-hour delay and visible hole cards. 

The 8 finalists:

1. Bernard Guigon - 4,900,000
2. Rodrigo Caprioli - 2,945,000
3. Lucille Cailly - 2,865,000
4. Daniel Gomez - 2,665,000
5. Moshin 'Chicagocards1' Charania - 2,215,000
6. Michael Dietrich - 1,550,000
7. Clayton Mozdzen - 1,430,000
8. Sergio Castelluccio - 1,410,000

Prize money (665 players @ €10.000+€600):

1. €1,500,000
2. €900,000
3. €545,000
4. €400,000
5. €315,000
6. €245,000
7. €185,000
8. €130,000

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