Poker tracking site loses fight against PokerStars

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posted Friday Apr 20th 2012 at 10:09 PM

by Oscar Vallet

It's no longer possible to access PokerStars cash game results on the tracking site PokerTableRatings. A legal move from PokerStars made the trackers back down.

The tracking site PokerTableRatings will no longer be able to give you info on your PokerStars opponents. They've yielded to demands from PokerStars that they cease and desist from tracking the poker giant's clients.  

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In an announcement on the people behind the company claim that they've been trying for a year to get in dialogue with PokerStars - but without any luck. 

That claim stands in stark contrast with statements made the other day by director of PokerStars Home Games, Lee Jones: 

"We've gone to considerable effort to track down the companies and individuals associated with PTR," he told TwoPlusTwo. 

"…the people behind PTR have taken considerable steps to hide their activity and shield themselves from action. But we are on their trail now and will keep at it," said Jones. 

PokerStars succeeded in what they set out to do - and from now on you'll only be able to track PartyPoker, the Ongame network and old Full Tilt activity if you use PokerTableRatings. 

The question is: Will the other sites follow the path of PokerStars?

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