Neighborhood bookies flocking online

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posted Tuesday Apr 3rd 2012 at 03:15 PM

by Oscar Vallet

Finally technology has caught up with the local street bookies as they’ve started to move their businesses online. Pen, paper and phone are things of the past. Online is where you put down your bets.

It had to happen sooner or later: The American neighborhood bookmakers are taking things to the Internet.  

For decades you'd have to conduct your betting business in shady parts of town with danger peeping over your shoulder every other second. Or so the legend goes. 

Anyone who's watched a Hollywood movie with betting a part of the storyline knows how this is kind of biz is done. But no more!

Bookies have started using software usually reserved for accountants and online merchants. You go into your local bookies private website where you get the line on the games and lay down your bet. Then the bookie can see what is owed out – or who owes. The users can lay bets whenever they feel like it – no busy signal or people not picking up their cells.  The bookies can adjust the lines and games on a whim.

It's convenient and user friendly. 

The money part of things is still old school though: You meet up somewhere and cash changes hands. Wiring money is still too risky. 

It's a brave new world. It’s highly illegal. It was bound to happen. 

You can read more in this article by Sam Borden over at NYT

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