Annie Duke arrives at the WSOP


posted Monday Jun 4th 2012 at 09:32 PM

by Oscar Vallet

The much-debated and unpopular Annie Duke has arrived at the WSOP. Not all people are too happy about that.

Since the bankruptcy of the Epic Poker League Annie Duke has had to take a lot of heat. 

Among her harshest critics we find the Team PokerStars Pro Daniel Negreanu, who has been in the news more than once with critique of Duke. He thought the Epic Poker League was an illusion - and that it was something that would never be a sustainable business. 

And even if she is highly unpopular among many poker players and fans for that matter, it didn't make her stay home from this year's WSOP in Las Vegas. She's been keeping her followers up to speed on Twitter, where she posted the following: 

After the fiasco of the Epic Poker League players on 2+2 have discussed what to do about Duke if she turned up at WSOP. Some consider calling time on her every time she's up - other want her banned entirely from the WSOP. 

It's going to be an "interesting" time for her at WSOP it seems? 

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