A drunk Brian Hastings met "Isildur1" in a bar


posted Thursday May 31st 2012 at 09:51 PM

by Oscar Vallet

Once Hastings and "Isildur1" went up against each other in one of the craziest online duels ever. In reality they've only met once.

It's been more than 2,5 years since Brian Hastings took Viktor "Isildur1" Blom for more than $4,2M in a 5-hour-session on the expensive PLO tables at Full Tilt Poker. It's a session that has become legendary - and it is something people still talk about. 

Recently Brian Hastings was interviewed by CardPlayer TV and the matter was brought up again. 

Hastings reveals that he's only talked once with the Swede. It happened during WSOPE in Cannes. 

Hastings was out partying - and he was pretty drunk, but not more drunk than he could recognize Blom. 

"I went over and introduced myself - and we had a very short chat. I don't think he was all that into it," Hasting recalls in the interview. 

Since the Swede recently turned 21 - and is now old enough to play in Vegas - there's a chance they'll bump into each other sometime soon. 

Watch the entire interview at CardPlayerTv.

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