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posted Wednesday May 9th 2012 at 09:10 PM

by Kasper Saugmann

The sign-up lists for the EPT Grand Finals €100K Super Highroller reveals that "RaiseOnce" can be one of three persons - and Ivey is among the three!

The 8th season of the European Poker Tour ended in Monaco with the prestigious EPT Grand Final. 

The most expensive of the events at the Grand Final - in reality the most expensive European tournament to date - was the €100,000 Super Highroller. A tournament that had a re-buy option even though it was mega expensive!

38 players entered the tournament - and 5 players did a re-buy - Gus Hansen was one of them and another one was Czech casino owner Leon Tsuokernik who bought in 3 times! Yes - 3 times!!

As PokerStars helped arrange the tournament you had the option of buying in through your PokerStars account. 19 players chose to do just that. One of those players were "RaiseOnce" - who's rumored to be none other than US poker icon and living legend, Phil Ivey. 

It has never been revealed who's behind the screen name - but with a bit of detective work we've been able to come up with what we think is quite good list of possibles. 

The 19 PokerStars registrants 

Of those 19 players we know 15 of them:

aaajack = Samuel Chartier
BrynKenney = Bryn Kenney
gomir = Martin Kabrhel
Isildur1 = Viktor Blom
johnduhamel = Jonathan Duhamel
KidPoker = Daniel Negreanu
kingsofcards = Tom Marchese
molswi47 = Will Molson
montecarlo13 = Govert Metaal
philbort = Philipp Gruissem
PokerNoob999 = Tobias Reinkemeier
SexSeen = David Sands
Tîmex = Michael McDonald
zangbezan24 = Sorel Mizzi
ZeeJustin = Justin Bonomo

The last 4 are "nameless55" from Russia, "roi kin23" from Russia, "Gaucho47" from Switzerland and obviously, "RaiseOnce" from Mexico. "RaiseOnce" was originally based out of the US - but is apparently south of the borders these days.

Let's look at the two PokerStars players based in Russia. Both Artem Litvinov and Anatoly Gurtovy played the tournament - and we'll be bold here and guess that these two gentlemen are in fact also known as "nameless55" and "roi kin23". 

"gaucho47" of Switzerland has to be either Anton Allemann or Dieter Albrecht - they were the only two Swiss who participated.

With that in mind we're now down to 19 names on the "RaiseOnce" list of suspects:

Talal Shakerchi, Dan Shak, Phil Ivey, Vanessa Selbst, Tony G, Patrik Antonius, Bertrand 'ElkY' Grospellier, Isaac Haxton, Jason Mercier, Gus Hansen, Eugene Katchalov, Erik Seidel, Bill Perkins, Dan Smith, Masa Kagawa, Scott Seiver, Sam Trickett, Leon Tsoukernik and Daniel Cates.

We can quickly start deducting from that group: Only 11 of those 19 players lived in the US on the 15th of April 2011 - and here we're assuming that "RaiseOnce" was indeed based out of the US as his or her profile stated at the time. 

The 11 US residents at the time in question: 

Dan Shak, Phil Ivey, Vanessa Selbst, Isaac Haxton, Jason Mercier, Eugene Katchalov, Erik Seidel, Bill Perkins, Dan Smith, Scott Seiver and Daniel Cates.

We know the online names of 7 of these:

Vanessa Selbst = V. Selbst
Isaac Haxton = philivey2694
Jason Mercier = Jason Mercier
Eugene Katchalov = Eugene Katchalov
Scott Seiver = gunning4you
Daniel Cates = w00ki3z.
Dan Smith = Danny98765

That leaves us with four names: 

Dan Shak, Phil Ivey, Erik Seidel and Bill Perkins.

"RaiseOnce" also used the PokerStars client to buy in at the €25,000 High Roller Event in Monaco. By the time of that event Bill Perkins had gone home. Shak, Seidel and Ivey were all present though.  

That's how close we get this time around. 

We won't conclude anything - but we're pretty darn certain that the list of 3 we've drawn up is good. 


In February 2011 PokerStars changed their client so players only appeared with country of origin - and not city of residence. Up until that point "RaiseOnce" represented the city of Las Vegas. Both Erik Seidel and Phil Ivey have lived in Las Vegas for numerous years - Daniel Shak on the other hand lives in New York where he works at a hedge fund.  

Most people think that Ivey is "RaiseOnce" - and if you look at the players playing habits online it's a fair assumption. "RaiseOnce" usually plays high stakes cash games at the most expensive level - and in every conceivable variant. 

And even though Erik Seidel is a seasoned pro he's never been known to favor the most expensive games - not even on Full Tilt where he was a co-owner. 

Take a look at "RaiseOnce"s high stakes results over on HighstakesDB.com and judge for yourself!

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