Liv Boeree partying with the A-list in Hollywood


posted Tuesday Mar 27th 2012 at 08:23 PM

by Kasper Nagel Nielsen

British poker babe Liv Boeree might be a star in the poker world, but she still has a bit of a way to reach Hollywood level. This week she met up with the Hollywood A-list trying perhaps to close that gap.

PokerStars Pro Liv Boeree burst on to the international poker scene in 2010 when she took home the EPT San Remo title.

Since then her fame has shot through the roof – especially in her home country of England where she has appeared on the highly popular quiz show, University Challenge.

In a recent blog she writes about some of the parties she’s attended recently – and about some of the stars she’s mingled with.

Shortly after PCA Bahamas Liv was invited to a party in Geneva, Switzerland held by iconic watchmakers IWC.

- There was a plethora of A-list celebrities in attendance that blew my socks off, and I was lucky enough to walk the red carpet with them as you can see below!

- The pinnacle of the evening however was getting to meet Cate Blanchett, she adds.

After Geneva the EPT San Remo winner flew on to Los Angeles, just in time for a
bit of Oscar-parties.

- If I told you the list of people there you probably wouldn't believe it.

She does share a little anecdote on meeting Hollywood superstar Bradley Cooper:

- Aren't you the girl that beat from George Constanza from Seinfeld in that Heads-Up match? Bradley wanted to know when meeting the Brit poker babe.

You can read the rest of the blog here.

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