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Debunking some myths about roulette

A close-up of a roulette wheel and poker chips

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Roulette dates back centuries and is well known for being one of the most famous gambling games. Few in person or online casinos would be without their trusty old roulette wheel, and it’s clear that it’s popular with players. But roulette is also the object of several myths and misconceptions. From the claim that it’s a game of skill to the claim it can only be played in person, there’s plenty that needs to be kept in check when it comes to the game. 

Myth: it’s a game of skill

Sometimes, you might find that there are some gambling providers who either imply or outright claim that you can win big on roulette if you just get good enough at playing. Sadly, these providers are almost certainly being unscrupulous. The truth is that roulette is not a game of skill at all: it, like pretty much all casino games, is a game of chance where the house has the advantage. The house is the casino provider, which is out to make money from you as a gambler. While this doesn’t mean you can’t win, it most certainly does mean that you can’t skill your way out of a roulette game.

Myth: it’s only available in person

This myth is a prime example of a claim that was true until relatively recently – but now no longer is. Roulette as a game is available to play online thanks to the recent rise of sophisticated online gambling websites. 

The site Roulette Games, which offers various links to different types of roulette game, is testament to the fact that there’s simply so much Internet-based roulette choice these days. One option, for example, is live dealer roulette, which sees a real-life actor playing the role of a dealer get streamed in over the web to the game as you participate. Multi-wheel roulette, meanwhile, adds layers of play to the game for a more complex gaming experience. 

Myth: you can never win

Finally: while it’s the case that roulette isn’t a game of skill, it’s also not the case that it’s impossible to win. In fact, plenty of people do snap up big successes in the roulette world from time to time. While the high stakes victories that you see in films are likely to be few and far between, a modest success here and there is not out of the question. 

Overall, it’s clear that while roulette is popular with many players across the globe, it’s also fallen victim to several myths in recent decades. From the claim that it is a game of skill to the suggestion that you must turn up at a physical casino to play, there are plenty of potential untruths out there that could trip up the unsuspecting gambler. But by keeping your wits about you and ensuring that you enjoy roulette in moderation as a game of chance, it’s entirely possible to make the most of the game.