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Slots Secret Tricks – Don’t fall for secret tricks

There are self-appointed “experts” who want to offer you secret tricks and only want to make money with them. This includes secret casino trick books in particular, which cost a lot of money but ultimately do not have the desired effect. All you have to do is spend all your money that you would have rather carefully invested in slot machines on a document that does not contain any “secret tricks”. In the end, secret tricks are nothing more than dearly advertised tricks that you can get on casino games for free and at no extra cost.

In addition to hot and cold slots, there is the volatility of an online slot. This determines how often and how much the slot machine pays out. A high volatility means a high payout that occurs sporadically. So the risk is imaginably higher than with a slot with low volatility.

So low volatility in online slots is the exact opposite: low payouts that pop up more often. Then there are also medium volatilities, which are best for most players. Feel free to include tips on this aspect in your slot machines, but don’t make it the most important point. Ultimately, you should still play what you enjoy most.

This advice for slot machines and jackpot strategies in Germany should not only apply to airports, but is especially valid in Nevada, Atlantic City, Macau and other casino strongholds. In places where player loyalty is not critical, payout rates are likely to be particularly poor.

Since there is always through traffic at the airport, there will always be a few players who want to pass the time. Because there are enough players in the run, the operators of the machines are not dependent on a loyalty program due to competitive pressure. If the players keep flying and haven’t won anything, they won’t think about it anymore.

At a casino, that’s something different. The casino operators do not want to lose their customers to the competition, which is why they let the casino machines play winnings with better chances. The terms for these differences between the machines are “tight” and “loose”, ie “tight” and “loose”, the latter standing for a higher probability of winning.

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